Concept Development


Each new project begins as a concept. I begin sketching, imagining the pose that will best illustrate the theme.  I cast models and test poses with them. I take as much time as needed to find the right model. Once I finalize the pose and the model, the sculpting begins.

Building the Armature


Building the armature is the next step. This will support the clay model, and needs to be built accordingly to support sometimes hundreds of pounds of clay. Most armatures I build using a combination of welded steel and flexible wire which allows me to make  changes in the sculpture if a more interesting gesture is revealed through the process. 

Clay Modeling


    Once the armture is built, the modeling begins. This is the majority of the work and can take anywhere from 2 - 12 months depending on size and composition of the piece as well as model availability. 

Moulding Process


When the clay form is finalized, the sculpture is ready to be molded and cast. Silicone rubber is poured over the piece to capture perfect accurate details of the sculpture, and then supported with a plaster “mother mold” so that the silicone does not lose its shape. 



From the mold, we can cast into various materials directly, including plaster, various resins, or wax, which can then be sent off to the foundry for bronze casting.